Island Hopping in the Philippines 2

Island hop from El Nido to Coron in Palawan, Philippines and explore hundreds of untouched, paradise beach islands. Kitesurfing, snorkeling, diving.

We offer island hopping tours between El Nido and Coron, accommodation off the beaten track, and a suggested itinerary for the Palawan area. Half way between El Nido and Coron you can also drop by our lovely little kitesurfing nature camp.

The Linapacan area, half way between El Nido and Coron, boasts the clearest waters in the world and has excellent snorkeling and hundreds of undeveloped paradise beach islands.

A tour of the area can cost as little as 300 pesos per person (including lunch), or a several day trip between El Nido and Coron for as little as 1,500p. There are caves to explore, you can sleep on a deserted island to yourselves, two sunken shipwrecks for divers, trekking or biking through jungle trails, and beach volleyball, basketball and all the other services we offer at our own kitesurfing nature camp.

Here’s a video which nicely describes this beautiful corner of the world, or check out the video of one of our local tours on the boat operators page:

A little slideshow of what we offer:

Write me an email to book your itinerary today!

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Hello. I was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to make the most of the islands around El Nido and Coron? I have heard about the island hopping trip to go in between but I’m worried it is completely out of my price range. Is there a cheap way to do it? I’ll probably arrive in El Nido around 24th. Thanks, Lorna.

Monty Martin Sr

Your sight sure looks good to me..and hopefully some specific info you shared is the answer I’ve been searching for for quire a while… and that is: a ferry 3 times a week THAT STOPS AT Linapacan’s Sam Miguel landing?? If thats true and dependable info, you just got me to my destination without waiting for Linapacan boats to land up at Coron and trying to buy my passage on their boat back to Linapacan.. to say nothing of securing a return trip when ready to leave! Thankyou so much for your help.. Lords blessing on success of your site..… Read more »


You state ‘7107 Islands of Paradise’ – what a load of rubbish! You should rename your caption to read ‘7107 Islands of Poverty and Pollution’. Cheery people? yes, of course – when they are fleecing you for as much cash as they can get from you – or stealing whatever they can get their hands on. Clean seas? Undiluted and untreated sewage dumped into the sea in most areas – not to mention chemical run-offs in some places. The list of dreadful things is too long to provide here. I LIVED and WORKED there for more than 6 years so… Read more »

vidya bhat

Hi Sam Sailor, We are planning a trip to Philippines & Island hopping is top on our list. A few questions. 1. My partner & I were planning travel in June/July, but later found out that it is the rainy season then at Philippines. So, we are also open to rescheduling it for early Nov instead if June/July is totally bad weather. Your thoughts? 2. We want to do a 3 day island hopping, not more. We are sea sick so don’t think we can endure prolonged period on sea. Can you arrange something from Coron -> El-Nido for this… Read more »

vidya bhat

Hi Sam, Thanks for your reply. We will land in Busunga on 19th. We would like to start our 2 nights, 3 days island hopping tour from Coron to El Nido on 21st morning and end by 23rd evening We do not want a private boat. If there is a group already travelling from Coron to El Nido, we would prefer to join them to split the cost. In your “Boat Tour Schedule” page, there is no tour of for the dates I mentioned. What happens in this case? Also, your Boat Tours page mentioneda s “B : 2-5 day… Read more »


Hi, thanks for all information you are providing on the website! Me and 5 friends are comming to Coron at 18th of November and planning to continue to Palawan after 2 – 3 days. I am quite impressed by Linacapan area and would like to visit it for 4 – 5 days. Is it possible to arrange private boat trip, than spend few days on Patoyo (windsurfing, kayaking, wakeboarding perhaps) and than continue to Palawan?


Hey Sailor Sam! My friend and I will be in El Nido around January 20th and we would like to do some island hopping to Coron. We took a look at the tours that are available to be joined but nothing seems to fit our schedule. How can we book a tour for ourselves?

Tommy Noerup

Hello karel. We talked on airbnb yesterday. Your description of your way to make coffee is enough for make me think, “there I must go.” I hate there powder-spraying. It sounds nice with live music. I hate the ever present karaoke machine. Everywhere in the Philippines to hear people singing squeaky false in these terror machines. I love the Philippines. But their karaoke and loud pop music, I can do without. So I’m almost sure I come. But it is difficult to put a date on. I know from experience that the Philippines is not a country where everything can… Read more »

Tommy Noerup

I’m looking forward to it. If it goes as I hope, I will spend about a week with you. I would very much like to sleep in a tent on the beach.

Tommy Noerup

There is only one boat every week from Coron to Linapacan. Monday morning 8am. It enlightened me 9:30 🙁 Maybe they cheat me? But I sail to El Nido tomorrow morning. From El Nido sailing boat every day, they have told me.
They could not tell me what time of the day the boat will sail from El Nido to Linapacan. I text you when I know it.

Zoya Shoukat

Hi Sailor Sam,
My fiancce and I are looking to make the most of our trip to the Philippines in April. How much time do you think we’d need to really enjoy palawan (el nido and coron primarily)?


My friend and I will be in the Phillipines 30 March ( arr Manila ) – 16th Apr ( Dep Manila) Allowing for a day or two at either end, am looking to book and CONFIRM a 4/5 or 6 day Sibalta to Coron, for departure 01st April, or shortly after. I’ve looked on the website, but can’t see any available groups to join around that time. Have I missed something.!! Desperately seeking to confirm a trip…..but how, this is the question !.
Maybe I should create a group request ?


Hello Sailor Sam, a very informative web page, thank you! My wife and I are decided to spend 3-4 days one of your island exploration tours on our way from Coron to El Nido, starting in Coron around April 3rd 2017. There are soo many options to choose from, I am a bit confused. If it is not asking for too much, could you suggest how to proceed? Take a public ferry to Linapacan, do the exploration overnight tours from Linapacan, then head to El Nido or better book the full Coron -> islands -> El Nido tour on your… Read more »