Private Boat Tour Prices between El Nido and Coron

Boat tour prices between El Nido and Coron in Palawan, Philippines for as little as 1000p ($22).We are in Linapacan, half way between El Nido and Coron, in a beautiful, untouched area with pristine beaches, hospitable people, and the clearest waters in the world. You can get to us by public ferry for about 1,500p from either El Nido area or Coron. Once here, we can take you on excursions to any of the 52 nearby islands for as little as 500 pesos per person for single day trips (four island tour, includes lunch). Multiple day trips are also possible.

Plenty to see in the area, such as caves, trekking or biking through the jungle, and diving as explained on our services page.

Alternatively, you can take one of our boats between Sibaltan (a wonder archeological village about 1.5hours by van east of El Nido) and Coron. Some boats can depart from El Nido for a higher price. Prices are per boat and depend on the size of the boat and number of days of the tour. You can hire your own boat, invite others to lower costs, or join other groups according to the tour schedule page, where you will find detailed info and prices for each operator.

The accommodation is free if you sleep on the boat, 300p to sleep in a bed on land or tent on a deserted island (400p if two people sharing) and meals are 200p and include fruits and other snacks. Trips include free stops for snorkeling or island explorations, there are caves, trekking through the jungle and diving is possible. Some deserted islands charge 100p per person to stay over.


Sibaltan <> Coron – 45,000p/boat for four day tour, 5k extra or less for each additional or less day. 1,000p extra for each additional person above one.

Local Linapacan day tour – from 500p/person, includes lunch. Various ferry options to get here from either El Nido or Coron, 1,500p/pax.


Here is a preview of some of the islands I have so far visited and documented on these tours:

Eli Cave
Sitio Eli

Custom tours to other islands can easily be arranged with the boat operator (prices vary depending on distance and number of tour days).

Check here for more info on tours.



There is a professional diver with equipment in the area. Please contact us for more information.


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4 years ago

Hi. We are staying in El Nido town and are looking to do a day trip to Linapacan. We are really hoping to see clear water and beautiful beaches for snorkeling and swimming. Can you tell me if a day trip is possible and what the cost is?

4 years ago

Hi. How safe is it to travel by boat in mid february? You mentioned big waves, so im assuming that the weather can be changing a lot that period. Im going crazy over the 4-5 day boat trip from El Nido to Coron.

4 years ago

Thank you greatly for the answer. I will check the page to see if mid january/beginning of march is better. 4m swells are not my cup of tea 😀


Chris Cantor
3 years ago

My family and I were planning next May to visit El nido. We will ride the plane from Manila to Lio airport. Do you have boat there to pick up us? We’re like 8-9 person who wanted to see the beautiful islands of El nido. Can you send me how much per tour?

Konstantinos Kanellos
3 years ago

Good morning from Greece! i am a single traveler, will be in Coron between Feb. 26 to Mar. 3 and despite its a short one, i would like to swim in the world’s clearest waters (despite coming from a country with awsome clear friendly seas). Do you know ferry schedule from and back to Coron (2017 updated) San Miguel? Moreover, in case the schedule is not suitable and given the fact that in my case, its impossible to rent myself…how can i seek for joiners? i can’t go ask around and harrass other tourists…you know Coron, how can i get… Read more »

2 years ago

What are the waves like January 18th?