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Below you will find a list of established tours you can join, groups you can join to form a tour, or start a chat to form a party tour. If you do not find anything during the dates you will be traveling through the Philippines between El Nido and Coron, you can either join or request to form a group, or hire your own private boat (requires a deposit of at least 15,000p, details here). If you do hire your own private boat and would like others to join, to help reduce costs, we can help you find people and you are in control of who joins and the details of the tour. There is also the party boat tour (rows marked pink below), where you can go for FREE if you find enough people to join you (you can discuss to round up people here)!

Here is a list of established boat tours you can join. Click on the person’s name for more details. If they have not included their contact details or Facebook Event in the Comments, you can contact them directly by registering on this site.
Days – the number of days the tour will run (the number of nights would be one less)
No. – the number of People who have joined the tour so far

Below are requests from travelers who would like to form or join a group but who have not reserved a boat (scroll if the list is long).
Interval – the number of days this group is available for a tour
Days – the total number of tour days the group would prefer

If you could not contact someone above or would like to organise something yourself, you can do so here:


Or chat with others to form a group.

You can check out information on our various sized boats on this page.

Check out the boat tours weather forecast.

Check out our suggested travel itinerary for ideas how to best explore the Palawan area.

General information on our tours.

Here’s a video of some of the sites we regularly visit:

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Join or form a group boat tour
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by Karel on Join or form a group boat tour
Great and customisable

Wonderful to be able to control who you can join and where the tour goes or sleep. Camping on a deserted island was fantastic. What a great adventure!