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We have different sized boats. Generally for a group of six persons or less, which is most of our customers, something like the below boat would be used:

boat sizes




These can generally accommodate up to six people. During the Amihan season, roughly from November to April, but especially around February, the waves/swells can get larger, and if you are afraid of that, we have larger sized boats. You can check weather forecasts here. The larger boats generally accommodate around 15 persons max, or possibly 20 if the water is very flat:





Please note that these banca boats represent the livelihood for the boatman and they will not go out if they feel the weather is too rough or risky. The coast guards are also very strict and do not allow it according to their weather predictions. Along the entire route between Coron and Sibaltan there are tons of islands and always some nearby coast. There is no open ocean stretch so safety is always near. Nevertheless, some of our guests are not used to the ocean and prefer more stability, in which case we have a larger boat with capacity for 30 persons:


or even a larger boat for capacity 48:


Such boats could have enough cabin space if you prefer to sleep on the boat. If you want to upgrade the size of your boat, just send me a note and we’ll figure something out.

And lastly, we have small boats if for example you’d like a local tour of the beautiful Linapacan area. They can generally accommodate up to five people (without baggage) if the water is flat enough. Here’s a picture of our boatman Alvin. You can even sleep in a little hut in his community on the interesting island of Patoyo:


If you have not already, you can book a tour with us here:


You can check out our different boatmen with customer reviews about them if you’d like to make a specific choice between them. Note that our three main boatmen here have several boats and crews under their command:

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