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Park your tent or stay in a jungle hut in the most beautiful, natural part of the Philippines. Hundreds of pristine beaches on undeveloped islands, you can even camp on an island to yourself (such as the lovely Bolina island, close enough to us you could paddle there).

Linapacan has the declared clearest waters in the world, with excellent snorkeling everywhere. You can even island hop your way around several of our camping sites.

Neighbour with local fishermen who live from nature as they have for thousands of years. Live amongst the free ranging chickens, roosters, pigs, ducks, and even naked bottomed children.

Explore jungle trails, some of which we have built ourselves, and come visit or camp at one of our sports camps, where you can kitesurf, play basketball, volleyball and badminton in amongst the coconut trees, or eventually windsurf, surf, kayak and many other sports.

Linapacan, and Palawan in general, is the safe and most beautiful part of the Philippines, suitable for family outings and devoid of typhoons. If you are a nature lover and love to explore, this is the place for you!

For camping in other places of this beautiful country of the Philippines, with its 7,107 islands, you can check out our camping Philippines facebook group.





Our budding kitchen.

beach-volleyball-philippines trail-building-philippines

Volunteer helping to build trails in the jungle.


Move the hammocks and tents according to your taste,
beautify your own area.

camping-and-tenting-in-the-philippines_IMG_20151209_163512 camping-and-tenting-in-the-philippines_IMG_20160110_122131

View from the top of the island – second project.


Everything built from surrounding natural materials.


Pockets of space in the jungle just off the beach (sometimes rather windy right on the beach).



Our little paddle banca to explore neighbouring islands.


Cheery people from all over the world.



Our first project on a nearby island, with main hut already completed.


Explore the many deserted islands.


Live next to local fishermen with their families.



Tons of space to park your own tent for only 100p a day, or rent one of ours for 300p a night for one person or 400p for two. We have volleyball, kitesurfing boards, excellent snorkeling, and a small banca with which you can paddle around this or neighbouring islands. We can also organise local island hopping tours, diving and cave exploration. Tons of things to do in this gem of the Philippines!

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5 thoughts on “Camping and Tenting

  1. We are a party of two looking for transport to remote locations for camping,kayaking snorkeling and exploration. We need to be dropped off and picked up. How much would this cost? Also, we would need some camping/kayaking supplies. Can you recommend any rental places?



    • Some people have rented kayaks from Coron and El Nido but I do not know their contact. If you get it onto the Marhpy’s ferry there are lots of deserted or sparsely populated islands you could explore around here, or inexpensive boat tours locally in smaller boats.

  2. Hi sailorsam,

    We plan to visit Palawan and do camping, may I know how to get to your place from Puerto Princesa Airport?

    How much will it cost for a 3days stay and is it possible?

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