Hunt for Beach Paradise

island-hopping-in-search-of-paradise_2015-04-01 08.05.55About me – and, original plans for this site

Instigation to Finding the Dream Paradise Beach Island

A New Tease: Kitesurfing Paradise

A change of tack? – Community-Wide Eco Aspirations

And kitesurfing it is! – startup costs only $600.

Getting Set Up – and letter to mom with more details

explore-philippines-boat-tourExploring the island with GPS – and an invitation to the Hash House Harriers with update to mom – planning construction of the first hut

Second shopping spree – main hut and first kiteboard on its way

Party in Manila, Ozzie brings 2 kiteboards

Move to another island, and Update letter to mom – First Kitesurfing Lesson and Rekindling of Old Online Business

boat-tours-el-nido-coron-20160722_182102Heading back to the island

Owner Who What?

Some ventures off the island

Successful kitesurfing at last!

Five months of development

Five months of rain, typhoons, bugs and misery

Finally met the property’s caretaker!

The high season is a success

 Other pages

cliff-climbing-in-the-philippinesAbout Linapacan

Things to do in San Miguel, Linapacan

Recommended itinerary for the Palawan areaferry and boat details and schedules how to get to Linapacan

Let me book an itinerary for you for the Palawan area

Boat Tour Negatives and How to Ensure a Successful One

Boat Tours Weather Forecast

Kitesurfing and kiteboarding sites in the Palawan area2015-04-01 08.21.52

Visa extension and requirements for the Philippines

Researching about self-sustaining technologies for our eco concept

Annual music festival

Good dentist in Coron

Opening a bank account and atm cash withdrawal for foreigners

All-inclusive ten day return trip from Manila to Palawan for 10,000pesos ($200)

Crossfit personal trainer on the beach

Sunrises and Sunsets

Volunteer program and invitation to Rainbow Gathering

Seeking Yoga retreat teacher

Natural highlights of the Philippines

Possible boat tour stops

Possible boat tour accommodations

Suggestion letter to the president

Complaint review about Smart Communications Mobile Phone Operator

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