Cebu – Things You Need to Know

Cebu is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines because it is rich in beautiful beaches, majestic waterfalls, cool diving sites and with their delicious food especially lechon (roasted pork) which they are popularly known to have the best one in the whole Philippines. History of Cebu City Cebu City, officially the City … Read more

Travel Tour Packages to Bulubadiangan Island

A good place to break away and relax and one of 16 islands under the jurisdiction of Concepcion. There is a resort of sorts renting out rooms for 1000p, nipa hut day cottages for 400p or 800p overnight, or tents for 500p. Concepcion on the mainland (about 30min away by boat, boat rental about 1,500p) … Read more

Travel Tour Packages to Marbuena Island

The Marbuena Island Resort owns the whole island, but you can come visit without having to stay there. It is about 2 hours drive from Iloilo and then 25min boat ride to the island. Expect crystal clear waters and perfect white sand, while the staff receive rave reviews for their superb service. A very chill … Read more

Travel Tour Packages to Carles, Gigantes

A bunch of beautiful, sandy beach islands off the northeast coast of Panay Island. First settled around 1846, it draws in tourists not only because of its beauty, but abundance of beautiful corals and fish life. Be certain you will have some very affordable and delicious seafood. A highly recommended stop, if you’d like to … Read more

Island Hopping Travel Boat Tour Packages to Guimaras Island

Only a one hour ferry ride from Bacolod to Iloilo, 250p each way, then a 20 minute ferry ride from Iloilo City to Guimaras, 15p each way. The cost of our guide is 1000p for the day, plus his transport costs and entrance fees, plus a $20 advance payment processing fee. You can combine with other … Read more