Evelyn’s Beach Resort, Panay

Got tired of driving and wanted to stop somewhere for a break. Stumbled on this lovely place about half way between Iloilo City and our destination of Anini-y, so a perfect spot. It just so happened that it was someone’s birthday, so of course the infamous karaoke machine was pulled out to the little booth … Read more

Dinagyang Festival 2019, meeting at Jeproks, Couchsurfing event

Every year in Iloilo City, around sm Delgado area coz that’s where the food stalls (can drink beer etc) and bands will be. Locals dress and paint themselves up for a religious celebration. More info at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dinagyang  and https://www.exploreiloilo.com/do/info/dinagyang-festival/ For Sunday the 27th of January, 2019, we will be organising a couchsurfing event, where so … Read more

Igpasungaw Waterfalls in Sebaste

Thought I’d check out these falls so drove up to Sebaste, but with my trike at 40km/hr I just flew past this little town. Apparently I blinked at the wrong moment. Drove back and found lodging at the Petron gas station for 1000p/night, and some fancy resort with no one there (but a phone number) … Read more

Travel Tour Packages to Bulubadiangan Island

A good place to break away and relax and one of 16 islands under the jurisdiction of Concepcion. There is a resort of sorts renting out rooms for 1000p, nipa hut day cottages for 400p or 800p overnight, or tents for 500p. Concepcion on the mainland (about 30min away by boat, boat rental about 1,500p) … Read more

Travel Tour Packages to Marbuena Island

The Marbuena Island Resort owns the whole island, but you can come visit without having to stay there. It is about 2 hours drive from Iloilo and then 25min boat ride to the island. Expect crystal clear waters and perfect white sand, while the staff receive rave reviews for their superb service. A very chill … Read more