Some Island Hopping Spots between El Nido (Sibaltan) and Coron

Maosonon Island

Boatman preparing to dock on our first island, Maosonon Island, Palawan
Drone shot of Maosonon Island, Palawan
A customer having fun making sand angel in Maosonon Island, Palawan
Fresh coconut juices straight from a coconut tree
Unspoiled beach of Maosonon Island, Palawan

Magransing Island

Clear blue water in Magransing Island, Palawan
Lying on a soft powdery white sand in Magransing Island, Palawan
Capturing the sand bar of Magransing Island in the background

Araw beach

Dimancal Island

Relaxing day on a hammock away from crowds
Coconut trees in Dimancal Island, Palawan

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