Party boat tours between El Nido and Coron

Experience paradise with a proper motley crew

Seeking tour guides


Earn 1,000p commission for each person you round up for one of our party boat tours. The boat has a capacity of 25pax, so if you round up as little as 12 people, you can already go for free (if you round up more you are welcome to keep the change 🙂 . 

There are several ways you can round up people:

  • approach people who have registered on our group forming page (we could help you with the creation of fliers too);
  • get involved with people discussing about forming a group on our party tour group forming page. Note that the tour dates listed there are not set in stone but only tentative (unless confirmed with an advance payment), so there is definitely room for flexibility in the final schedule;
  • post invitations on such forums as Tripadvisor (Coron or El Nido), Lonely Planet or Virtual Tourist, but note that they do not like it much when people post links to other websites, so be careful about that. 

For some basic information of the area you can check out the main promotional page of our private custom boat tours between El Nido and Coron.

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