Party boat tours between El Nido and Coron

Experience paradise with a proper motley crew

Party boat tours between El Nido and Coron E2C 2020 Mar 17-20 > El Nido (Sibaltan) to Coron

2020 Mar 17-20 > El Nido (Sibaltan) to Coron

You can leave a comment below if you’d like to communicate with others about forming a party boat tour in this direction and on this date. You can login with Facebook or register with your email address (confirmation will be required). Make sure to subscribe at the top of the comments to receive notifications whenever someone responds, or check back occasionally. 

Once enough of you commit, this tour will be marked as a Go which others can join, or you can choose a different route or schedule. In your original comment make sure to fill in the Number of People field so others know how many of you want to join. 

island hopping party boat tours

If you want to ask the group with a poll, you can try something like survey monkey.

This group is ACTIVELY SEEKING more people but would prefer a maximum of 6-8 people in the final tour.

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Eclectica Surge
Eclectica Surge

Hi me and my partner are over from New Zealand. We are humble chill people’s looking for a group of like minded to populate a boat from el nido to Coton on 17/3/20. 8 all up is the magic number.


Hi there,
me and my partner would like to join your group. We both are 32 years old and looking for sth chilled as well.
We would prefer 4 or 5 days, what about you?
And are there more people joining?

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