Boatman Ghea

A new addition to our team, Ghea manages three boats of capacity around 10-12 and lives with her crews in Pical, near Sibaltan. She has one of the wakesurf boards and speargun. Back to our boat sizes and list of boat operators. sailorsamWe’re a husband and wife team traveling around the world with our child, mostly … Read more

Boat operator Rosela

A recent addition to our team but so far has been yielding good results. Her boats are slightly smaller, with capacity for 15 people, but she prefers a maximum of 6, for greater safety. Also based in Linapacan. This is now our main choice as she charges 5,000p less than the others. If you are … Read more

Boat Operator Ben

Ben’s brother lives in Sibaltan, where he also has a boat, and a hut for you to sleep in the dorm loft if you’d like a rural experience for only 100-200 a night. Having a boat in Sibaltan makes it possible to take a boat trip to Linapacan or even Coron and all the way … Read more

Boat Operator – Lando

Lando, short for Orlando, is the caretaker of the property we are developing on Dimancal island. He brings in most of our supplies but has contacts for different sized boats and now helps us with boat tours as well. He is a tourist guide by trade and his English is very good. Back to list … Read more

Boat Operator – Alvin

A fisherman by trade, Alvin lives on Patoyo island and was our neighbour for our first project on that island. Since then he has painted and fixed up his boat and engine, as shown in the picture to the left. He often brings in crucial supplies to our camp. He can do local tours in … Read more

Henkey Boat Operator

Henkey owns a grocery store and homestay on a small rural island near to Linapacan. He also collects catch from locals to ship off to Manila, so you can expect an abundance of seafood here, and be pleasantly surprised by his excellent cooking! His stop is one of our favourite recommendations as a sleep over … Read more

Theresa Boat Hire

Arcenas and Theresa are a husband and wife team who run a homestay on a small rural island east of El Nido. They collect the daily catch from locals and ship it off on ice every day to Manila, so you can expect plenty of delicious seafood when on a tour with them. They have two … Read more

Boat Operator – Benji

His primary source of income by profession, Benji also runs a regular schedule to Coron on Fridays, 2 days, with a one day trip back leaving on Sundays. Every operator has their own contacts or relatives who have islands you can explore or people to meet and stay at on different islands, making tours by … Read more