Month plus trip

If you have only about two weeks to travel through the Palawan area, I would suggest my travel itinerary for this shorter time frame. If you have about a month, this page is for you. If you have more than that, at the bottom of this page is a link to other worthwhile places you can visit in the … Continue reading


While on one of our wonderful private custom boat tours through the beautiful Palawan area, you can grab our kayak for a pleasant perusal of the area. 1,000p entitles you to two days unlimited use, then 500p/day … Continue reading

Last months in the Philippines

The wedding was a great party, although not without some hitches. Mostly because I was focusing on things that interested me -- live band, dart board, games for the children and general entertainment -- while she felt it was important to focus on her interests -- romantic ornamentation. After a … Continue reading