Second shopping spree – main hut on its way

Some important improvements during this period. One massive drag of the mountain internet caf√© was that it took half an hour before I would cool down enough and sweat stopped dripping down my arms so that I could begin working on the computer. There was almost no wind, flies would tickle their way relentlessly along … Read more

Exploring the island with GPS

Shot of the entire island as I was exploring all the paths I could find. The kitesurfing resort is at the end of the red trail on the far right. The town of San Miguel is visible on the island of Linapacan to the left. Hash House Harriers¬†are welcome to join me for a jog … Read more

Getting Set Up – more details

[letter to mom] Just got a $95 job to translate a 13 minute intro to a Czech reality TV show where some people will be chosen to live for two months like our predecessors, under Hitler I think – uncertainty if there will be food on the dinner table, no internet, no hot water or … Read more

Getting Set Up

I ordered a cab to take me the next morning to the bus terminal, because I imagined I had too much stuff to fit into the single motorized tricycles they mostly use as taxis here. The dispatcher suggested renting a van all the way, but that was too costly for my liking. In the evening … Read more

And kitesurfing it is!

The community development was a nice idea, but after spending a year dreaming about starting, I decided I didn’t want to wait for others and just start building. If the kiting beach will not work out, I have other options, although they will be more difficult – mostly because there is no mobile signal for … Read more

A Change of Tack?

My step mother once asked me how I plan my travels, whether it is from A to B or what, and I explained that I prefer to float like a leaf and let the opportunities present themselves. Synchronicity has greater freedom that way, while the variety of opportunities ends up so much greater. And thus … Read more

Kitesurfing Paradise

A few days later the owner of the 75 million pesos island arrived to his hotel and announced he will be staying for a week. We became quick friends and, although he did not seem so interested in developing his 75 million pesos island, he did mention he also owned property on the other side … Read more

Finding the Dream Island

About a year before I made this page, when helping a woman with her resort in Borneo, Malaysia and having seen how she mismanaged her operations, the first seeds of thought were planted that I could run my own resort. My quest for the perfect beach island thus began. My first prospect appeared about half … Read more