Heading Back to the Island

Laden with my new round of construction shopping, we cram ourselves into a single tricycle and make our way to the pier. We unload the goods, haul them past the gate, and I stand there with the volunteers holding two giant pieces of plywood when I remember that dogs often sniff the baggage before passengers … Read more

Move to Another Island

As usual, my impulsive optimism quickly fades. On my return from a one month shopping trip to Manila, not only did I discover an increasing number of seemingly unimportant things missing from my belongings, such as my sowing kit (invaluable for fixing tents ripped from the wind, or shorts with rips in sensitive places), some … Read more


Rent our little banca boat for a day (500p) and explore some of the nearby islands (map below). We are building jungle trails on all of them, excellent snorkeling to explore and you can even give fishing a try. Bolina island, top left in the picture below, is apparently good for bird watching. We are … Read more

Bamboo Gymnastics Workout Station

In university in Canada I competed for three years in gymnastics. Before I started this project I traveled around the world for ten years and stayed in shape mostly by jogging barefoot on the beach and by situps, pushups, and pressing my hands together (and pulling apart) in different ways. I can teach you some basic … Read more

Volleyball, Badminton, Basketball

What would a beach nature camp be without beach volleyball?! We have about six badminton rackets for you to borrow too. In our usual eco fashion, all crafted from nature, such as an old fishing net we found lying on the beach. The sand is certainly fluffy soft! You can play basketball with the locals … Read more

Sunrises and Sunsets

So beautiful it is worth posting some pics! If you see a hand over any pic you can click to zoom in to larger view. sailorsamWe’re a husband and wife team traveling around the world with our child, mostly in the Philippines, to find the most fantastic travel experience for you! More info about me … Read more

Volunteer program

If you would like free accommodation in tent and half price off renting any equipment (if not used by guest), please apply through the usual websites such as workaway or helpx. Below is an old autoresponse for applying volunteers, to give you an idea. Here is a video submitted by one volunteer: And here’s a … Read more

Party in Manila, Ozzie brings 2 kiteboards

Back in Palawan when I was researching things to do in Manila for my website, I came across one blogger who wrote about visiting the slums. Horrid pictures of children wading up to their lips in black muck scrounging the city’s garbage in exchange for a bite to eat that day. Thought it could make … Read more

Pros and Cons

Following are some potential cons to help you quickly decide if this is the right place for you. For now the toilet on the new property is dry (eventual compost), consisting of a hole in the ground, wooden planks for flooring, surrounded by a wall of coconut branches. There is a second toilet at the end … Read more