While traveling through the Philippines, why not get a technical cleaning, or more serious work? You will get a great job and save tons of money. At the bottom of this page you will find contact details to a good dentist in Coron, a popular tourist destination, but before that, might as well make a good story out of it!

Growing up in Ottawa, Canada, I remember loving milk, drinking lots of it, and one dentist remarked I have such perfect and strong teeth because of the minerals in Ottawa’s water. Most of my life dentists were always amazed whenever they peered their stethoscope into my oral cavity.


Fast forward to the present and, after reading that cow’s milk is not good for us and that the factory milk these days can have a lot of unhealthy bacteria in it, I switched to soya milk. But after reading that 98% of that is GMO using evil Monsanto’s Roundup, which destroys the planet and is not safe for us to consume, I stopped drinking that as well.

About seven years ago, back in Turkey, I was doing my annual fasts, when I like to suck on a lot of lemon, as it is a good cleanser for the body, tastes good, and gives some satisfaction while on a 12 day diet of water only. It is at one of these fasts that I must have overdid it and penetrated the front of one of my teeth. I had a dentist quickly look at it and he said if I switched to something like Sensodyne toothpaste it should go away after about a year. He asked if I drank a lot of coke or coffee. I said only beer. He said that is fine. I said I have about two beers a day. His eyes bulged out at me, “Two beers a day!?!” Little did he know that they were big bottles, so technically four beers a day, the good non-drinking Muslim that he is.

But over the years, especially now that I moved to the Philippines, where beer is so cheap, this has increased to 3-4L a day, at least, like the good little Czech that I am. I found a good brand which still tastes good the next morning, so I’ll often go sleep with the trail endings of yesterday faithfully waiting by my side.


Nice to be able to smile and laugh freely again without having to conceal a disgusting rot.


My nails have been getting weaker and that little splotch on my one front tooth has been growing and spreading to other teeth. I read that it may be related to the wart on my foot, as this is like a mushroom surfacing on the earth from a deep underground network of roots, the wart popping up for air to feed a virus floating around in my bloodstream.

The founder of the American Dental Association traveled around the world studying teeth and found that natives and aborigines rarely had such a problem, unless they were introduced to a western diet of processed flour and junk food. Based on another article of a doctor who prescribed a specific cancer killing diet to his patients, finding that he noticed all their hair started growing like crazy and that their cavities healed by themselves, I started getting more serious about eating veggies.


But the diet is very strict and it would have to do without my beloved beer, which wasn’t a desperate consideration yet. I’ve learned that calcium is a necessary catalyst in a lot of our bodies’ chemical processes. If the body is not provided with enough of it, it simply sucks it out of our bones. I started to believe that the condition of my teeth is an indication of this. Up until now I have never broken any bone, assuming they are very strong from my milk-guzzling childhood (most of the calcium in our bones and enamel gets built up during these early years). I learned that, for the body to absorb calcium, it needs also magnesium/manganese and vitamin D. I get a lot of sun here, and I started pounding down the bountiful supply of fresh coconuts – time to get serious.

coron-dentist-palawan-20170123_164733I also started oil pulling with organic coconut oil, whereby you rinse your mouth out with the stuff for 20 minutes as soon as you get up. When you fast your body releases toxins and a lot of it comes out of your tongue (think “morning breath”). Breakfast is “breaking” a “fast”, as we do not eat while we sleep. Coconut oil has a lot of additional antiseptic qualities. After 20 minutes of this rinse your mouth out with salt water and then brush your teeth. If you eat before all this you are swallowing back all those toxins, a horrible way to start your day. When fasting I once even saw fungus hair growing on my tongue. Hence I’ll use a tongue scraper after I brush my teeth and use the brush to scrape scum from the side and roof of my mouth. Take a look some day, I was shocked what I found.

I also started taking vitamin and mineral supplements, as I do not want to end up like my grandfather, who fell over one day, broke his hip from the small fall, and the next morning died in hospital of a heart attack when he woke up to a bolt of sharp pain.

But the black splotches on my front teeth continued to grow, my beer consumption did not wain, a discoloration began to appear at the base of many other teeth, and I noticed two small holes developing in the big black splotches. It reminded me of what someone once said that if I let it grow the dentist will have to carve out the entire thing.

With this fear in mind I reluctantly started researching for a dentist in Coron, the nearest larger town to me. I found some places on the internet, but several locals I had asked all recommended Dr. Red, so I thought I’d go check out what he had to say.


Humble entrance, no sign to Coron Clinica Dentista.

“Aahh, discoloration”. He said he had three other customers ahead of me and that I can take a seat. Mentioning that this should take about 40 minutes, I took the opportunity to run some more errands, as that is what I usually go to this town for. I came back and about an hour later he was done. I squirmed like a little school girl so he ended up giving me three rounds of anesthetic needled into my gums. “Still sensitive? You need MORE?? I presume you drank a lot of beer last night?”

True, but after polishing off the main stain and filling two cavities and a technical cleaning, he charged me a whopping 1,200 pesos, which works out to roughly $26. Can’t complain and had to go out and celebrate with copious amounts of beer, but I shall cut that back during the day and make an extra effort to clean my mouth before going to sleep. I generally only brush my teeth first thing in the morning, sip on beer all day long, and some days I cant be bothered to brush my teeth at all. Well, I guess as we get older our bodies’ metabolism changes and we need to take better care of ourselves.


You’ll find it on the other side of the street from Corong Galeri, number 1 in the map above, to the right of the 1 above (on the corner of San Augusten and Pen streets). You can click on the map to see a larger version of it.

Colloidal Silver

healing-a-wartThe reason I wanted to give this substance a try is because I had been struggling with a wart on my foot for almost two years. For half a year I had tried everything possible, including big pharma, as you can see from the pictures on this facebook album. Until I got desperate enough to try cannabis oil, which a friend of mine has been using to heal people of cancer and all sorts of other horrible diseases all over the world. In ten days flat it got rid of most of my wart and I was able to walk comfortably again, but it was buried deep, right down to the bone, which would require some internal consumption. Apparently the surface wart is like a mushroom popping up for air and feeding a virus circulating around within my bloodstream. I later learned that it is connected with my growing cavities, as one girl reported that all her warts went away when her dentist removed her cavities (which is basically a virus growing in your teeth). But I do not want any dentist to gouge out giant holes from my teeth and leave mercury to poison my body over the long term, and was prepared to give the hemp oil a chance internally. Alas, my time in Thailand had been coming to an end and getting the fine herb for the next year that I travelled through Indonesia and Malaysia was absolutely out of the question. The wart slowly grew back, and my cavities continued to grow. After that year, I moved to the Philippines, but with a life sentence for possession, I wasn’t about to take a chance here either. However, one friend suggested I try Colloidal Silver, which apparently kills bad bugs, viruses, and gives a strong boost to the body’s immune system.


In the days of ol’, they used silver as an antiseptic and to treat infections. Possible uses were and are:

  • In wound dressings and was frequently used for the same purposes in America following the Civil War.
  • Churches use silver chalices in Communion to stop disease spreading through the congregation.
  • It reduces the appearance of acne that is bacterial in origin.
  • Gives a strong boost to your immune system, combats sinus infections and colds, and some say even HIV Aids and cancer, plus many more.

colloidal-silver-kills-virusesEven the rich children were told to suck on their expensive silver spoons, or wealthier people were deemed generally healthier because they could feed themselves with these elegant utensils. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why it has been said that a silver bullet is required to kill the most blood sucking of viruses, the dreaded vampire?

In essence it was used as an antibiotic, but this practice slowly subsided with the advent of modern antibiotics. However, the problem with the modern version is that it behaves as a sort of nuclear bomb and blows up the body’s good bacteria as well. Our body needs this good bacteria to fight bad bacteria, or like those in our intestines, to help us break down food. This is why it is a good thing to consume probiotics, such as yoghurt, because they supply our system with these very useful bacteria.

And when this little bomb is dropped, it ends up splattering the dead bacteria and toxins all over the inside of our intestinal walls, depositing in the endless hidden pockets there andColloidal-Silver-helicobacter-pylori seeping back into our circulatory system to cause all sorts of damage. Not to mention that overuse of this substance leads to the mutation and creation of superbugs which regular antibiotics are no longer effective against, but which colloidal silver still is.

But the way in which silver works targets only the bad bacteria in that it acts as a catalyst, disabling the enzyme that one-celled bacteria, viruses and fungi need for their oxygen metabolism. They suffocate without corresponding harm to human enzymes or parts of the human body chemistry. The result is the destruction of disease-causing organisms in the body and in the food.

Silver acts as a catalyst and disables an enzyme that facilitates actions inside cells. It is not consumed in the process so it is available to keep working again and again. The enzyme silver destroys is required by anaerobic bacteria, viruses, yeast and molds. (Unfriendly bacteria tend to be anaerobic and friendly bacteria aerobic). This is the action that destroys pathogens. It stops them from using the body’s own cells as vehicles for replication. Colloidal silver creates an environment that makes it impossible for pathogens to survive and multiply.

Since it is not designed to combat a specific pathogen but rather works against the very nature of their life cycles, it is an effective preventative agent against all illnesses caused by all pathogens including future mutations. There is no known disease-causing organism that can live in the presence of even minute traces of colloidal silver. Laboratory tests show that anaerobic bacteria, virus, and fungus organisms are all killed within minutes of contact. Parasites are also killed whilst still in their egg stage. Colloidal Silver is effective against infections, colds, influenza, fermentation and parasitic infestations.

If used properly and of sufficient quality, it does not harm the body at all. However, if the quality is not good, such as if the particles are too large (the potion should be light yellow in colour and never dark, or you should never see silver flakes floating in the concoction or resting on the bottom of the bottle) or if mixed poorly (such as with salt water, as one famous case did with his home brew), it may result inargyria.


After all, silver is used in developing film, since it is sensitive to light, and if not produced properly, exposure of your skin to enough sunlight will cause the silver to develop over the long term until you turn outright purple!! Other than that, no negative side-effects are known of.

I did some internet research and soon enough found a good supplier, producing quality silver in the appropriate, very fine sizes. This is what he had to say about the purple man (aka “Papa Smurf”, above):

I’ve been consuming our product in large quantities for a couple years, as has my oldest son….he actually drinks it by the glassful.

colloidal-silver-healing-1When he first starting taking it, his herxheimer reaction was intense, brain fog followed by intense clarity that remains to this day. I can’t remember if I told you my detox story…it started with the mucus lining in my gut flushing out, then my head felt like it was in a vise, then the worst flu symptoms EXCEPT no fever or any abnormal temperature and no congestion. It was amazing, and I’ve felt great since, except for one bout with strep throat that I was able to cure in a day taking huge doses of vitamin C.  Besides that, I don’t get sick anymore. 

Water has a memory…it even memorizes your emotions. I can’t say how long the 258Hz imprinting lasts [explained on the next page], only that numerous trusted sources swear by it for an extra kick in healing. They say that water is the closest thing to the Divine that you can experience. And just look how many people flock to the ocean, which happens to have the same salinity as the womb and the human body. 

colloidal-silver-healing-2You may see the smear campaign where a guy turned blue. He’s a moron…he made homemade colloidal silver using heavily salted water and then consumed it obsessively for years! Using salt water is the biggest mistake to make because the silver ions and chloride ions make love and combine into a silver salt. Silver salts are what photographic film uses to be photosensitive! Where are all the other cases of this? Almost non-existent. His story is fear mongering by the establishment.

We start with distilled and deionized water. And we tell customers not to mix our product with anything because if those food or drink items have ions in them like salty water, the silver ions may combine and lose their magic. So just take it by the spoonful, swish and swallow.

Silver is making a huge comeback in modern medicine for the sole reason that it works while Big Pharma antibiotics are less and less effective. 

For example, the medical folks are scared to death of an MRSA outbreak because they don’t have a good defense against it. But with silver, it’s a joke!

He expressed regret that the big jug I was ordering only partially filled the minimum sized box he was required to use for shipping, and after a lengthy email exchange, I agreed to fork out a bit extra cash while he agreed to offer me a discount in order to fill the box completely and try our luck at selling the natural anti-biotic to guests of the resort I am building. And like any great marketer, he thought he’d beef up the sales pitch by offering to imprint the water for free. I spent a fair amount of time researching the concept and must say it has been fascinating reading about the frequency 258hz, frequencies in general, the healing properties of sound, and the amazing qualities of water. Read about all this on the next page< !

Some tips on dosages and possible uses.