All Great Plans are Laid to Waste


Alas, it is the Mediterranean, and my punctual arrival is made meaningless because the guy in charge shows up two hours later, at the last minute before the ship is to depart. With barely any instructions to guide me, I find myself frantically running between different buildings finalizing various paperwork, and of course spending additional … Read more

The Beginnings of an Exit


My own little protest against the dividing line, I particularly enjoy using my different passports when taking my Sunday strolls across the border. I always have to remember: pull out from my left pocket my Canadian passport when entering or leaving the Turkish side, and use my Czech passport in my right pocket for the … Read more

History of a Divided Cyprus

2 cyprus_map

I’ve done a bit of research and asked a few questions, and this is my quick synopsis: Cyprus is a strategic island in the Mediterranean Sea, much prized from time immemorial. It was taken over first by the Neo-Assyrian Empire in 709BC, then the Egyptians, the Persians, the Phoenicians, Alexander the Great and finally the … Read more

Escape from the North

Salamis, Turkish north side of Cyprus

[mapsmarker marker=”3″] It is the last hundred yards of my stay on the north side of Cyprus. It has been a great two winters here: the people are lovely, they take me in as family; I have a great parking spot on the beach; go to the university for free showers; enjoy the lower cost … Read more

Entering Cyprus

Before landing at the Istanbul airport I had spent two action-packed years in the Mediterranean. While on the island of Cyprus, basking in the glory of the Mediterranean, I regularly alternate between the Christian Greek south side and the Muslim Turkish north side. I have developed a deep feeling of affinity for the Muslim people. … Read more

The Move to Asia Starts off With Typical Disaster

Running barefoot through the Istanbul Turkish airport.

Everything is running smoothly in booking my flight from Europe to Thailand. Breezily I confirm the purchase, as I am generally careful when issuing commands on the computer, but a sign of my future travelling difficulties materializes the moment the emailed flight details arrive. October 2. [mapsmarker marker=”1″] A month early. Oops. Okay, I’ll have … Read more