Wakeboarding by Speedboat in the Philippines, Linapacan


Wakeboard in the beautiful Linapacan area, or anywhere in between Coron and El Nido if you join one of our private boat tours.

I am no longer managing the kitesurfing nature camp in the Linapacan area, so I have given my two kiteboards to my two best boatmen (part of the private boat tours). You can use those for wakeboarding and eventually we’d also like to get waterskiis and stock up more of the boats. There is a speedboat in the Linapacan area we can arrange for you, otherwise it would be by big banca boat, so turning around to pick you up if you fall may take longer.

If as part of a private boat tour, the price would be an additional 1,000p/hour.

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Wakeboard in the clearest waters in the world among 52, mostly deserted islands of beach paradise. Check out our kitesurfing page to see the video what virgin territory this truly is! So far we only have two kiteboards to lend you, but the prices are as follows:

  • 3,000p for half day
  • 4,000p for full day

In both cases it can vary depending on gas consumption, and the price is for the boat total, not per person (4 people max). Note that the water has to be flat enough.

We are located in Linapacan, half way between El Nido and Coron. Easy to get to by public ferry, or for those who have limited time, we can organise a multi-day boat tour between El Nido and Coron.

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