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Arcenas and Theresa are a husband and wife team who run a homestay on a small rural island east of El Nido.

They collect the daily catch from locals and ship it off on ice every day to Manila, so you can expect plenty of delicious seafood when on a tour with them.

They have two boats at your disposal:




Here’s the other one:




Here’s the view from their homestay:


A picture of their homestay, second building closer to the beach.


Picture of village life:




You can join or book one of our private custom Palawan boat tours between El Nido and Coron. Tons of paradise beach islands to see along the way, excellent snorkeling in crystal clear waters, caves to explore, Spanish fortress and much more. Completely off the beaten path!


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Theresa boatman
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 15 reviews
by Laure on Theresa boatman
fantastic crew

The expedition went very well, thank you.

The crew was fantastic, a big thank you to Captain Armando, Rudi, Milken and Lolong.

We would highly recommend this crew!!

by Sulaiman on Theresa boatman
Great trip!

It was such a great trip! Thanks so much for sorting everything. The boat didn’t have a ladder which was tricky for my partner and I at times, but apart from that everything else was good.

Yah, we're expanding quickly and it takes a little time to stock up all the boats with some the amenities, but I have forwarded your concern. In such cases the crew is happy to help you get out of and into the water.

by Michael on Theresa boatman
Awesome experience

- The trip itself was awesome! The beaches were amazing and having our own boat gave us the freedom to move on faster or slower and go at our own pace. We saw 3 or 4 other boats completing similar itineraries though it wasn't an issue having them around.
- The boatmen were lovely - we had 3 but they were super friendly and hospitable.
- The food was delicious and excellent value. Exceeded expectations for sure!
- The only negative was that our boat changed last minute and we'd already spoken with the previous boatmen. This also means that our boat was 'downsized' from what we were sent originally - our first boat had 6 seats at the front, and the 2nd had no seats (we had to sit above the engine) - it was ok for the 2 of us but overly not very comfortable.

Yes, this is one issue we are trying to resolve. Our boatmen manage several boats and crews and it is difficult to know exactly how they allocate things, as sometimes larger groups book at the last minute and need to be allocated the larger boats. We are working on a system to show pictures and info/sizes of each boat, with names, in case some guests want to specifically choose larger boats because they are afraid of the waves, for example. But for this they will need to pay extra, probably 5,000p, more info at

by Manuel on Theresa boatman
Great places away from the tourist crowd.

Everything went fine. We liked it a lot especially sleeping and visiting places with very few tourists.

by Mar on Theresa boatman
Wonderful days in paradise

We spent some wonderful days in paradise, we really liked the trip and Theresa and the boatsmen were very kind and helpful.

by Lucile on Theresa boatman
amazing experience

It was amazing! Albert team is really nice and we really enjoyed our stay with them! I Will more than probably do it again for more than 3 days these time 😉

by Jill on Theresa boatman
Spectacular crew

Thanks, it went great! We met Theresa on Pical. She was very nice and helpful. Our crew was spectacular. We actually left a day early because there was no wind for my boyfriend to kite, but we made it very clear to Theresa that we were happy to pay full amount and it had nothing to do with the boat or crew. It was an awesome trip. We were here in the Philippines for over 3 weeks and it was definitely one of the highlights for us.
Maybe someday a traveling kiter will make a list of what islands to hit for each wind direction. My boyfriend only got in a couple days of kiting because either the wind didn't cooperate or we we're on the wrong beach considering the wind direction.
We saw Tao and another group El Nido and we're very grateful not to be on one of those boats with 25-35 people crammed on there.

by Julien on Theresa boatman
Amazing snorkeling

Positive items :
- the staff was very nice, they listened and filled our expectations in terms of food and route.
- we had a couple a special request for the meals and the tour guide did great.
- we could stop on some specific spots we requested.
- snorkeling and island hopping were as good and amazing as expected.
- camping gears were great and the comfort was good.

Items to improve :
- 5 crew for the cruise for just my girilfriend and I, this is a lot of people. Only one was speaking english
- for the organization of this cruise, we had to discuss with you and Theresa, but in the end we never get to see either of you 2. Theresa is not very talkative on messegner and the answers to our questions prior to the cruise were very laconic and not always very clear. It would be better to discuss with the people in charge on the boat.
- It would be good if the boatman / or anyone from the 5 crew on board had join us and guide us during the snorkeling sessions, which is quite the only activity of the trip. Some guidances and company during the snorkeling would be welcome.

We had a great time and we will recommend it.

Glad you enjoyed Julien. Usually the crew is 4-5 people because the captain needs help anchoring and when approaching shore, especially if the weather gets a bit rough.
As mentioned on this page, Theresa manages several boats and crews, as well as her hotel, so usually she does not join the tours. I am the internet middleman and almost never join any of the tours, although I have many times in the past, to familiarise myself with everything.
Thank you for the feedback and, as always, I have passed it on.

by Jack on Theresa boatman
Absolutely fantastic

My trip was absolutely fantastic. Genuinely one of the best experiences I have ever had, cannot explain how much of a good time we had. We met Theresa v easily, but ended up going with her good friend Dadz (I think as she was not well), and Dadz took us around the amazing islands near Pical, and then on to Linapacan. Dadz and his crew were wonderful hosts, and cooked some truly magnificent food. Cannot commend the trip highly enough.

by Andrej on Theresa boatman
Great spots

The tour was very good. We have visited some other spots not mentioned on your list and I made some videos with my drone.

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