Boat Operator – Benji

His primary source of income by profession, Benji also runs a regular schedule to Coron on Fridays, 2 days, with a one day trip back leaving on Sundays.

Every operator has their own contacts or relatives who have islands you can explore or people to meet and stay at on different islands, making tours by each operator special. But what makes Benji’s tours extra special is his particular love for Emperador, a local brandy, with the contagiously jovial mood it brings with it once you settle down for the evening.






The master captain himself.
Below: Takling, island owned by his father-in-law
and where he often likes to camp overnight on his tours.




Below, entertainment hut on Calacala,
another island owned by one of his relatives and an exclusive to his tours. 




Yours truly celebrating his son’s birthday with them.




Below: more pics from his camera, this time of the local Eli caves.





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9 thoughts on “Boat Operator – Benji

  1. Hi SailorSam!

    How can I book a guided tour around Linapacan thru Benji? We’re visiting Coron end of the month and Linapacan is high on our list.


    • Best to always contact me through the Contact form top of each page, otherwise I should receive an email notification of this comment and to which I can respond directly to you, as long as you punch in your correct email address. I assume I’ve already done so for this.

  2. Hi again, you emailed me sometime ago.
    I would like to hire a boat, we didnt want to share, its me and my 4. My kids are 11 and 13.
    The boat we wish to hire must have some shade like Benjis boat. We are interested in a 4 night excursion, we can camp ideally. Arriving around the 1st November. So what do we do from here, how do we book and confirm. Do we contact Benji directly with a phone number? Do we need to bring a tent ? Get back to me when you can, regards, Mark Haan

    • Hi Mark, already sent you a direct email. All the boats have shade and tents. Once you book and pay the deposit, I will send you the contact details to the boat operator of your choice and other information, such as possible places to island hop along (you will be in charge of the boat, so you can choose).

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