Coron Boat Tours


If you’d like a one day boat tour only around Coron, the prices in pesos are shown in
the table below (or check here for multi-day boat tour expeditions between El Nido and Coron). These are the official prices as posted at the new public market in Coron. That page has a map and shows you how to get there. You can easily arrange your own tour once you get down there, as there are always boatmen waiting for customers. However, if you’d like to make an advance reservation anyway, perhaps arrange for the boatman to pick you up at your hotel, I will connect you with one of our boatmen for an advance fee of $20. You can then contact them yourself and work out the details. To do so, fill in this form and choose “Coron only” for your boat tour.

CORON ISLAND2,7003,2503,8004,900
SANGAT/LUSONG GUNBOAT4,3504,9007,1008,600
BANANA/MALCAPUYA ISLAND4,3505,4507,1008,600
CULION MUNICIPALITY4,3504,9007,1008,600
DIBATOK ISLAND3,8004,3505,4506,950
CALUMBUYAN/ PASS ISLAND4,9006,0007,6509,150
TARA ISLAND9,30010,90017,00018,500
NORTH/SOUTH CAY6,0007,1009,30010,800
CALAUIT NATlONAL PARK9,80010,90017,50019,500
PANLAITAN/BLACK ISLAND7,6008,70012,00014,000
LINAPACAN ISLAND9,80012,00017,50019,500

The top row (Coron Island) in the table above applies to 5-6 of the destinations in the top two rows of the picture below. Note that the entrance fee/pax for each destination is not included in the above price.


This Tripadvisor page shows the most popular destinations around Coron, our favourite suggestions being Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoons, quite close to one another.

At some of the places, like Twin Lagoons, the local caretaker grills fresh fish and rice. Or the boat crew can cook you up the same for 150-200p/meal. If instead you buy vegetables from the public market (the loading area for most of the boats), the crew can probably cook that for you for free, but a little tip would be nice.

If you are staying at a hotel with a pier, the boatman can pick you up and drop you off straight from there. Or they can arrange a tricycle taxi to take you to their boat.


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