Boat Tour Schedule

Join or request to form a group (free), or hire your own private boat (requires a deposit of around least 15000p/$300 – 45,000p/$900 total for a boat with capacity 15-20, 4 day tour, plus or minus 5,000p per day for each extra/less day). If you do hire your own private boat and you would like others to join, to help reduce costs, the details will be added here. Those wishing to join your tour will have to contact you and it will be up to you whether you accept them, and up to you where the tour goes and the schedule.


Explanation of the column headers:
Days – the number of days the tour will run (the number of nights would be one less)
OP – the boat tour Operator (explanation of each operator at the bottom of this page)
No. – the number of People who have joined the tour so far
CAP – the Capacity of that boat in terms of how many people total can join
Price – the total price for the tour (divide by PPL to calculate the price per head)

Green rows are open for you to join, grey are closed/private.

Below are requests from travelers who would like to form or join a group (scroll if list is long). You are free to put in your own request (requires registration), after which you will be able to contact the other requesters or booked tours to join them.

Boat Tour Operators

Below is a list of the operators we have networked with so far. More info on our boat sizes page.

boat tour from San Fernando

Theresa, owner of accommodation on a nice rural island near to San Fernando.

Ben, the owner of hotel in Linapacan, ex-major of the town, a good bloke who will take care of you wherever you go. He has three sized boats for different types of tours, including a speedboat if you need to get to Linapacan faster, or to wakeboard locally with our kiteboards.

Benji, a professional boat operator who has many contacts in the area and a rich experience in entertaining his guests. Beware of the Emperador!


Alvin, a local fisherman near to Linapacan, he has a small boat suitable for local snorkeling and fishing tours for up to five guests, if the waves are small enough. He can also do runs between San Fernando and Coron for two people with gear, and can offer a second small boat with operator if need be.


Lando, a local tour guide who is also the caretaker of the property we are developing. He has contacts to several boats and his English is very good.

Check out the boat tours weather forecast



We are coming to Palawan on 3rd February for 3 weeks. We will be staying with friends on the island for the first week but would like to take a private trip for 7 – 14 days between the islands from el nido and coron to explore the islands and kitesurf.
We want to keep the costs down so are happy to do a mixture of sleeping on the boat and also on land.
Would it be possibe to give me a price for a private boat for me and my wife for between 7 and 14 days from 10th February.
I look forward to hearing from you.
You can check out

for possible places to explore. But I think 7-14 days is a bit long and, at about 5000p a day, can be expensive. I would suggest you pause your tour in the Linapacan area and just relax and enjoy your vacation. Sibaltan is also a nice place to hang out. You can take local tours with smaller boats for cheaper, but I believe one day should be enough. You can also camp out on deserted islands if you like.