Island Hopping in the Philippines

We specialise in custom, private, multi-day boat tours between El Nido and Coron or just around Coron. Affordable expeditions for couples, families and groups for as little as 900 pesos or $20 per person per day for a five day tour.

Snorkel in the clearest waters in the world, explore caves, an old Spanish fortress, cliff diving into the ocean, swim with turtles, walk through jungle trails and experience the warm hospitality of rural Filipinos.

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Boat tour and expedition prices

For our larger boats with capacity twelve people, 45,000p for a four day tour, plus 1,000p for each additional person above one, 200p/meal (includes fruit and other snacks), accommodation separate (or sleep on the boat for free). All-inclusive package tours are also possible (instant quote and options once you fill in the form).

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Alternatively you can join another group or form your own to reduce costs.


Explore the natural beauty of the Philippines in your own custom tour. Go where you want, on your own schedule, and share the experience with whom you choose.


Country info

Meanwhile, I am in the process of exploring the rest of the country to offer boat tours there as well, and will be compiling info on each area and city of the best sites and sounds. My personal preference though is nature and off the beaten path places. Come join me in my sidecar!